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a basic understanding of SQL database queries

Honest and trustworthy, cautious and meticulous, a wider range of knowledge, expertise, solid, with the ability to learn quickly, to find the analytical solution.1) has a mid-level accountant certificate, certificate of Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certificate in English 6 (excellent).
2) The operation of SAP skilled, skilled OFFICE Office software (especially EXCEL), familiar with UF financial software, a basic understanding of SQL database queries.3) understand the business and financial operations of the company'sChoosing Flowers for Your Wedding entire business process, able to establish the basic business processes, and can run continuously adjust to the new business needs.4) English speaking and writing fluently.2 years of service, marketing work experience, 1 year of team-building management, maintenance of customer relations experience
Customer training has been carried out will be 30 games, each with around 30 people; organized and chaired more than the customer salon, customers gather to discuss the situation and promote the industry; VIP customers for enterprise overseas promotion of tailored solutions; participated in more than ten over domestic and foreign market show, to promote the company brand, with foreign work experience; 8-man team to lead the work, to provide support for the local branch business.1 familiar with core java application design and development, j2ee architecture, webservice (axis2), WebSphere / tomcat, jdbc / hibernate / expresso, C + + / c, xml, uml technologies.2 database DB2/oracle, and AIX / Solaris, shell and other scripting languages​​.3 common project tools Rational Rose, Microsoft viso / project / vss, CVS, clearcase, Klocwork, Cognos, WebGIS (Mapinfo, ArcGIS), PowerDisger, Jbuilder / Eclipse.4 have better reading and writing and oral communication skills in English, nearly one-year project work abroad experience.5 has to do the project products, based on a team that can withstand the pressure of work site.Structural design for three years, real estate projects in general engineering knowledge of the structure more in-depth understanding of a sense of teamwork, commitment to the project to be independent
A registered structural engineerDecorating Your Reception TableThrough the national judicial examination; three years legal experience in large-scale foreign-funded enterprises, able to handle corporate legal matters; year of volunteer experience; English language ability.
Professional skills and expertise
Through the national judicial examination, a solid knowledge of legal theory, legal practice with the use, read the contract in English, with good written translation of English listening and speaking ability, able to use Visual FoxPro data processing, basic knowledge about computer hardware and software, skilled Office, WPS Office software operation, has a rich Internet experience, a strong information retrieval skills and some image processing capacity.

Beijing Education Commission and other

1, with 3 years of software implementation and maintenance, project management experience, able to skillfully use the sql \ oracle database;
2, the Finance Bureau of Beijing resident for more than a year, the financial accounts had participated in joint trials, some offices have contacts with the Finance Bureau of experience;3, the Beijing Water Authority, Fengtai District, Beijing Education Commission and other administrative units of more than 1,000 more than software training, with training experience;4, a successful asset management system, the National Grand Theater, the National Federation of fixed asset management system, implementation of the General Technology Group Finance Co., the company's core business systems, financial management system, China Life, China insurance fund management projects;5, familiar with the general ledger module UF NC, about money management module;
6, about accounting;I graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai, Gezhi School, Shuolijichu solid, and have sufficient expertise. Work experience in the pharmaceutical industry, respectively, did sales, marketing and R & D, the pharmaceutical industry are very familiar. Interested in the medical consulting industry. I work carefully, serious, responsible, humble, honest. Can quickly adapt to the new environment, learning and ability, good at logical thinking. Able to complete the assigned task, has good execution, and can coordinate a team, good spirit of cooperation.I am cheerful, sincere man, serious, responsible for work, strong sense of responsibility, can quickly integrate into the new work environment, able to withstand the pressure of work. One year labor, three years experience in international logistics and sales.Professional skills and expertiseHave good verbal and communicationskills, and excellent interpersonal communication and sales negotiation skills. With a high degree of enthusiasm, good team spirit. Professional knowledge and years of work experience, so I accumulated a wealth of experience and has achieved excellent sales results. I am cheerful, positive, willing to communicate with others, like to meet new challenges. Can accurately grasp the customer's psychology, with customers in-depth communication.
Able to finish the negotiations with customers, there are larger companies with different industries to obtain and maintain the good cooperation between emergency and timely treatment to minimize the loss of customers, Wedding Cakes Decoration Ideas get customers to understand the special circumstances to continue to cooperate.10 foreign IT work experience, 5 years in Fortune 500 multinational foreign companies, more than 5 years of management experience. For large enterprise IT infrastructure planning, deployment and implementation of the accumulated wealth of experience. There is a strong independent and team work ability, strong execution, there is a strong sense of responsibility, hard working, motivated, have good learning ability and humility.
Professional skills and expertiseetwork : proficient Cisco router, Cisco 6509-E, 4507R, 3750,3560,3550,2970,2960 series switches, Cisco ASA and Juniper firewalls, network software installation, configuration, maintenance and management; proficient in TCP / IP protocol, EIGRP, OSPF, VLAN ﹑ STP, VTP, NAT, HSRP, firewall policy, firewall Failover / High Availability technology; skilled grip stays DDN access mode. Familiar with Netscaler MPX 7500 load balancing, Cisco and Juniper VPN configuration; about IDS, IPS, Network VirusWall, and so on. System: the skilled support grip Windows server, Redhat Linux client / server network set up, maintenance and management; to configure, Perfect Wedding Table Center manage the primary domain controller PDC, Backup Domain Controller BDC, Active Directory AD, DNS server (Windows DNS, Linux Bind ), DHCP server, WEB server (APACHE, IIS), MAIL server (Sendmail, Exchange), FTP server (VSFTP, SERV-U), anti-virus server (Norton AntiVirus corporate Edition, trend Micro InterScan VirusWall) . I have CCNP self-study completed all the courses (CCNP BSCI exam, CCNP BCMSN certification exam, CCNP TSHOOT exam) are convinced that meet or exceed the CCNP level. Management: a comprehensive approach to system management, to a reasonable allocation of the sector. Arrangements for the timely implementation of supervisors to work effectively under training

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especially in Hi-tech industry

Thirteen years related working experience on all key EHS areas of multinational manufacturing company, especially in Hi-tech industry, including the first-hand practice on EHS management system, legal compliance, Due diligence,cheap authentic nfl jerseys Fire Life System, Auditing and other key areas. Excellent English and communication skills resulted in the strong adaptability toward global working trainer Strong skills in multi-parties communication for complicate problems/issues follow-up and closure. Well-qualified and results-oriented banking professional with 14 years of experience in Chinese banking industry, particularly in commercial banking,retail banking and branch management business with various senior management positions over 6 years. Excellent leadership nike shoxwith strong commutation skills. Key capabilities as follows: •Risk Managementnike shoes • Branch Management •Very familiar with relevant regulatory rules and policies Swan

Self Assessment

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Facebook Tetris game

It's the most successful portable gameit is a book for you ever made. It's appeared on countless electronic platforms over the years, selling over 100 million copies on cellphones alone. Now it's coming to Facebook, and you can get your face in it. here is my code
The Human Tetris Project, a joint venture between publisher EA Mobile and Tetris rights-holders The Tetris Company, will useI am in the worng world fan-submitted pictures to make its playing pieces. It'll shake up the game's traditional formula, too: if you can arrange pictures of your friends together, they'll disappearwho is falling in love with my smile. Sadly, your picture can only appear on one of the four square blocks that make up each of the game's seven famous playing pieces. So there's no point in takingyou are my sunshine pictures of you contorting yourself into one of its iconic shapes, a la Human Tetris. A shame, perhaps, but your chiropractor will be thankful. The game is accepting picture submissions right here, and you should be able to play the game itself starting on Friday. Honestly, it's worth a try just for the bouncy remix of the classic Tetris theme. This is one Facebook game that won't make you want to immediately turn off your speakers.
Infinity Ward is the studio behind last fall's record-breaking release, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," and other games. "Modern Warfare 2" was No. 1 last year and has become one of the best-selling video games of all time.
The breach of contract suit claims West and Zampella held up development on other "Call of Duty" games to try to gain more money. The company is seeking to withhold additional payments to the men, who they claim also kept bonuses from Infinity Ward employees.
The men "morphed from valued, responsible executives into insubordinate and self-serving schemers who attempted to hijack Activision's assets for their own personal gain and whose actions threatened both the future of the Call of Duty franchise and future of Activision's (Infinity Ward) studio," the complaint states.The lawsuit alleges the bonuses were withheld in an attempt to try to leverage other key employees to leave Santa Monica-based Activision.Robert M. Schwartz, an attorney who represents West and Zampella, did not immediately return a phone message seeking comment Friday.The filing does not state by name which rival West and Zampella are accused of meeting with, but states they were flown by the rival to Northern California. Gaming giant Electronic Arts, which is Activision's main rival and produces the competitor franchise "Medal of Honor," is based in Northern California.The cases are filed in Santa Monica, where Activision is based. The company is majority owned by

Legendary Asteroids record smashed

One of gaming's oldest records was just ok, it is yours nowblown up. And it wasn't an easy shot.
After a grueling 58 hours of continuous play, John McAllister of Seattle, Washington officially became the best Asteroids player from and goon the planet by scoring an unthinkable 41,338,740 points in the classic 1979 coin-op arcade game. The previous mark of 41,336,440 was set by Scott Safran back in 1982 -- the longest standing record in gaming -- and was considered virtually unbreakable. something about skill
"It's basically considered a Holy Grail," he told Portland TV station KGW. "It was a title that a lot of people would want, and I wanted it." happy new year
McAllister also holds the world record for the lesser known sequel Asteroids Deluxe, a mark he set in 2009. Before he's inducted into the record books, however, his efforts will have to pass the strict submission guidelines of official gamethe love of my life scorekeepers, Twin Galaxies.
It's been a rough year for video game records. In March, a plastic surgeon toppled the all-time Donkey Kong mark, while back in January, a Connecticut man hopped his way to the new high score in Frogger.Under normal circumstances, role-playing game Warhammer Online charges its players $14.99 per month, billed directly to their bank accounts.For an unknown but significant number of players, however, April isn't turning out to be a normal month. A bug in the billing system has caused sme customers to be charged as many as 22 times for a single month of access: a $300 overcharge.Blog The Consumerist reports the charges will be reversed in the next few days, according to an EA rep -- and notes, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, that EA is apparently taking the situation "very seriously."
We're sure that makes the affected individuals feel much better. Unless, that is, they've incurred overdraft fees from their banks, been late on their bills, or wasted hours on the phone with their credit card companies.
It's not the first time billing for online RPGs has gone awry, either. Our advice: any time you allow a third-party to bill your bank account directly, you're exposing yourself to this sort of problem. Avoid it by buying multiple months at a time (which'll usually save you a few bucks) or, safer still, by using the pre-paid game cards you'll find cropping up at an increasing number of retailers: everywhere from game stores to gas stations.
Have you been overcharged by an online game? Tell us your story in the comments.


Delivery of all Dell products, consulting cheap handbagsand solutions services in China market with full P&L responsibilities. Service key accounts and major customers to bring in new revenues? Established, hired and built a team of professional project managers & technical consultants in a 3 months period. polo shirtReceived a 98% highly satisfied rating in employee survey, a rating well above Dell global & Asia regional scores
? Strategically created and pioneered a new cost-efficient organizational model in China that achieved an operation cost reductionnike running shoes of 25%. The success of this new model resulted in a company-wise adoption in the entire Asia region? Actively leading the team to work on new innovative solutions, value added services and discover new sales opportunities, resulted in bringing USD 30M new revenues
? Developed and delivered high value service capabilities, including Channel development, market awareness, opportunity management and account/product penetration, resulted in improved services revenues in the Great China Market by 21% year to year
? Established and standardized delivery process and engagement model. Drive down costs in project management, service partner management and delivery operations. Achieved a year over year delivery efficiency of over 36%? Led 3 business process improvement (Six Sigma) initiatives and successfully realized a total of USD 500K saving in 2006, resulting in 3 Green Belt recognitions? Drive Dell service partners readiness and successfully deliver quality, on-time and within budget services. Achieved a consistently high customer survey rating of over 97% very satisfied customersmanaging business development, product/services delivery of Nortel wire-line products China market with full P&L responsibilitiescheap handbags
? Expanded customer base from global enterprise IT services provider into China local telecom ( China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom, etc), government customers, and significantly broadening multi-vendor support capabilities? Redefined go to market strategy, which has brought the solution order gain 31%, in result, revenue gain by 23% from previous year? Redefined and optimized internal cost structure for the networking business, such as inventory management, product supply management, services delivering model, brought price 5% less compare to previous years? Improved project management skills and its expertise as whole, use it as key selling point in very complex and challenge projects, which has increase the win rate by 10%? Established, hired, and built services sales teams. Sales team achieved highest rating on internal corporate sales competency tests? Rapidly expanded regional services offerings, services portfolio and sales, developing and expanding services business into a number of offerings in Maintenance, Deployment, Professional, and Managed Services


3、All accounting work/transactionsshop 4u blog for shirts, costing, G/L, A/P, shop 4u blog for shirtsA/R and assets are properly finished every month and reported accurately and timely in accordance to strict reporting deadlines and are in compliance with the company’s policies, generally accepted accounting principles and ralph lauren polo shirtsregulatory requirement. 4、In charge of E&Y auditing, understand their skills. Since i learned CPA, acquaint the auditing way.
5、Design and organize ERP in 2005,north face jackets and become ERP adminstrator.In this work, I am interested in ERP and become ERP expert.ralph lauren polo shirtsnorth face jackets

6、In foreign company, I undersand many accounting transaction
Provided value-added consulting services to organizations planning and implementing complex telecommunication network infrastructures which leverage multi-vendor technologies for MCI global enterprise customers
? Designed and developed large-scale enterprise network involved in network architecture design, provide implementation planning, rapid deployment and network rollouts, product installation and customization and operational services for network and cabling infrastructures
? Led a team of network engineer to drive quick resolution for national and international faulty networks, ensure met customer SLA and minimal down time ? Worked as an expert in Telco operation, Telco operation philosophy and requirement, customer engagement requirement to ensure customer satisfaction was met? Constant provided solutions for fault network from transmission lines, Frame-Relay, PPP, ISDN, to IP routing protocols (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP) in the service provider environment
? Developed and implemented procedures for working with international carrier, especially with Asia Pac, provided training and culture guidance to team members and management teams, enable them to work closely with international PTTs, vendors and international regulators in result of customer s strategically goals to be met? Provided B2B extranet solution for major automotive companies to help reduce costs; to reduce call volume at its service center; and to provide dealers with better service, more current and consistent information, and faster order turnaround. Improved the work in process efficiency by 50% according to customer report
? Lead a consultant engineering team built enterprise and carrier level infrastructure for their new technology capability and business needs, increased project win opportunities by 20% ? Represent MCI Business Consulting Services to fulfill contract responsibilities (scheduling, resource allocation, scope, budget, Customer satisfaction) in result of decreased operating cost by 25% from previous year
? Communicate with internal Business Consulting Services executives and other MCI departments for customer situation and provide resolution strategies for issues. Increased services warranty revenue by 10% from previous year